Multi Level Car Park Surveys

Are you planning on building a multi level car park? Before you start the process, make sure you get Digital Terrain Surveys to conduct a thorough survey. All of our completed surveys are recognised by all of the necessary authorities, and once you have received your multi level car park surveys, you are guaranteed to be granted planning permission.

Detailed surveys for multi level car parks

When looking to find the best multi level car surveys, look no further than getting Digital Terrain Surveys to complete the work. The high standards our survey technicians uphold when they are conducting your surveys means that no issues ever go unnoticed. We use the most up-to-date surveying equipment to complete your surveys, and we use the latest GPS equipment to make sure we collect every tiny detail.

Common issues with multi level car parks

For instances of when you already have a multi level car park and it’s looking dilapidated, getting Digital Terrain Surveys to complete a systematic survey will allow you to see exactly where the issues and problems lie, in order to go ahead with the necessary construction and renovation work.

Some of the most common problems that we find when conducting our multi level car park surveys include the following:

  • Better line marking needed
  • Better lighting needed
  • Need more disabled bays
  • Bad positioning of CCTV for full effectiveness
  • Ineffective deterrents to keep out vandals and car criminals
  • Incorrect sizing of car parking spaces

After you have fixed the issues that our multi level car park surveys present, your commercial building will be entirely up to code. Once we have completed your survey, we are able to supply our findings to you in a number of different formats, for your convenience. We can supply your survey as a drawing, a PDF file, via email, AutoCAD file, or even on a piece of A4 paper, whichever works best for your needs.

What makes Digital Terrain Surveys the best surveying company in the UK

Digital Terrain Surveys transformed the survey taking industry when we launched back in 1989. During the years, we have built a solid reputation for being the best survey provider that a company or homeowner can employ.

Our clientele emphasises how well regarded our company is for providing high-quality surveys. In the past, we have completed surveys for many Local Authorities and County Councils around the UK and also in Europe. Some of our completed projects have included surveys for:

  • Southampton University
  • Siblu, France
  • Salisbury District Hospital
  • Bournemouth Road Improvement Scheme
  • Bournemouth Pier
  • RMB Chivenor
  • St James Hospital, Portsmouth

Book your survey with Digital Terrain Surveys today

To book your multi level car park surveys with Digital Terrain Surveys, speak to a member of our team today on 01794 514978 or email us on Never worry whether your multi level car park is satisfactory ever again, with Digital Terrain Surveys.