3D Survey Data

Are you looking to enlist a professional team to complete a land survey? Is 3D survey data a requirement of this particular service? If so, look no further than Digital Terrain Surveys LLP. Since our founding years ago, we’ve completed land surveys covering a wide scope of areas. Whatever the reason for the survey, rest assured we’ll provide you with results that are 100% accurate. Learn more by calling us today on +44(0)1794 514978.

The Professional Choice for 3D Survey Information

Here at Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, we’re proud to be the leading survey consultants. Whatever the nature of your request, you can expect nothing less than an exemplary service. A land survey is an important document that’s requested for a variety of reasons. Accuracy is essential, and often, clients request that we include 3D survey data.

If you’d like to discuss your request in more detail, speak to our 3D surveyors today. Alternatively, keep reading to find out more.

3D Survey Data Compiled with Pinpoint Accuracy

Before you request one, it’s worth having a basic understanding of what a land survey is. That way, you can decide whether it’s the service you’re looking for. In short, land surveying is the process in which corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments that make up an area of land are established (or re-established). 3D survey information can be used to express this information.

These findings are based on recorded documents, historical evidence, and present standards of practice. Many other facets are involved too, and our surveyors will be more than happy to go through these with you. We can also advise you if a land survey is the right choice to facilitate your inquiry. At Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, we excel in the provision of topographical survey projects, including those featuring 3D survey data.

Wherever in the UK or Europe you require our expertise, you can rest assured that we’ll be there. Just give us a call, and we’ll discuss your request over the phone. Our 3D surveyors tailor every survey to the requirements and budget of the individual, so you can be assured that we’re providing you with the most appropriate service.


In addition to 3D survey data, the team at Digital Terrain Surveys LLP can also provide a range of other topographical options, including:

  • Contours
  • Ordnance Survey Grid and Datum
  • Utility Information
  • Individual Layering
  • Road Markings

We can also provide volumetric surveys which feature cross and longitudinal sections, cut and fill calculations, 3D contours, and 3D triangulation models.

Professional 3D Surveyors


Once we’ve completed a survey, we’ll arrange for delivery in your chosen format. Formats that we can provide include AutoCAD drawing files, paper and film plots (A4 to A0), drawing files suitable for Autodesk Revit, PDF and DXF drawing files. Delivery is usually provided via email or disk.

To find out more, call Digital Terrain Surveys LLP today on +44(0)1794 514978.

Why Choose Our 3D Surveyors?

When it comes to land and measured building surveys, nothing less than absolute precision will do. Even the smallest error can have a huge impact, so here at Digital Terrain Surveys LLP, we go the extra distance to ensure meticulous results. Our services, including the collection of 3D survey data, are made possible through the use of advanced software and the latest equipment.

A combination of Total Stations and the latest GPS surveying equipment ensures that all data collected is 100% accurate. This raw survey information is processed using state-of-the-art computerised software. We review every project twice, ensuring that the correct resources are allocated where they’re needed most.

All our work is then checked thoroughly for any errors or omissions. We work in line with the client’s exact specification and strive to meet all agreed completion dates. Our team can offer a next-day response for clients with urgent requirements. Plus, we offer the most competitive rates around, with special rates available to repeat clients. From homeowners to commercial entities and local authorities, we work for a wide range of customers.

So, if you require 3D survey information or something else entirely, you know who to call.

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